This is our first class of the afternoon at 3:10 pm (the time on the timestamp from the camera is not accurate).  The class runs for an hour.  The camera stopped briefly near the end to save the file as it got too large.

The students without a Gi started between 1 and 2 classes ago.  There are also three 4th Kyu Green Belts with 2 tabs and two 8th Kyu Yellow Belts.  The remainder are either 9th Kyu or 10th Kyu White Belts.

There is a large range in ability within the class and for this lesson I did a little more talking than usual as we had six newbies.  I generally adjust the style and content of the class depending on how the children are when they arrive at the dojo.  If they have had an arduous day we have a little more fun (sometimes a game).  If they are attentive as they were for this lesson, I use their attention to teach more content.

While we strive for a very disciplined class, this class was not always as disciplined.  When I first started the class, there were about 26 children and only my two boys had any experience.  This dictated we use a less formal approach, introducing the formality bit by bit.  I suspect this will be the case with the new classes as well.

As there were so many students initially, we are still suffering from some bad habits that developed because I could not initially focus enough on individuals.  

This is our second class of the afternoon which is for graded members only.  This class runs straight after the first class, for an additional 30 minutes.  When the Green Belts perform Shi Ho Hai, they have their eyes closed without a count.  This was a small class today, we would normally have another three or four 9th kyu students attending.

1). To uphold the Dojo name.
2). To seek perfection of character.
3). To be faithful.
4). To endeavour in all things.
5). To respect others.
6). To refrain from violent behaviour.